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RBI is a well proven approach for determining the optimum inspection plan for plant equipment. It uses risk based methodology to improve efficiency and lower total costs of inspection.


ABB is a leading provider of RBI, having carried out studies on over 100,000 equipment items during our 20 years experience. Our RBI+© programme has reduced risk, lowered the number of invasive inspections needed and reduced total inspection costs for our clients across the process industries.


A fundamental part of this process is a collaborative review by operating and maintenance specialists from ABB and client teams. To enhance this process, ABB developed a unique software tool; RBI+© pRIME for use on projects.


The tool has been further enhanced and is now available as a standalone tool. So for the first time operators are able to follow ABB's best practice themselves to achieve better results whilst using less operating team time.


ABB are offering you the chance to see for yourself how RBI+© pRIME could make your inspection more efficient and effective on this demo site.


To find out more about ABB's RBI+© visit our website


Learning your way around the demo

Dashboard - this is the key page for any project. At a glance users can gain an overview of the project status including outstanding actions and the changes in intervals that have resulted from the risk based approach.


Project Management - this is where the project reporting is accessed. The demo shows the types of reports that can be produced, which can be tailored depending on requirements.


Word model - here you can view the set of rules that drive the risk analysis, which can be tailored for each project


Risk Based matrix - this example risk matrix shows the thresholds for the risk profile, it can also be tailored to fall in line with business guidelines 


Project templates - this area houses the templates for each type of equipment


Equipment items - this section stores technical data and inspection history


Actions - every project is compiled of actions, this tool enables actions to be assigned and tracked through ABB's best practice workflow. The demo shows an example action list


Data mining - users can access the knowledge bank of ABB data, built up over 20 years! Please note this is for illustration purposes only and data is limited. In the full system all equipment data will be present and fully searchable.


You can navigate around the demo yourself to discover how it can improve your inspections or for a full run-through of the demo capabilities email Phil Marsh.